Clean and pristine

Mar 29: First pic this season of Sunburst with no bootprints. Photo by Steve Riggs

March 30 Update:

At the Canmore Nordic Centre, the man-made snow was trackset overnight. “The emergence of the ground showing through the snow has made grooming on natural trails challenging. We risk doing some gardening and digging up more dirt, so there will be limited grooming on the natural trails moving forward.”

Last night’s tracksetting in PLPP included the trails on the west side of the road; Lodgepole, Braille, Meadow, Sinclair, and Spruce Road. The temperature at the Lower Lake at 7:45 a.m. is -20°C with an expected high of -2. 

The parking lot at West Bragg Creek was cleared yesterday, but today the web cam is showing more fresh snow. It’s -17 °C this morning with an expected high of +2. 

The Parks Canada trail report is displaying properly once again, but there is nothing new to report this morning. 

Mar 29: Spray River Loop. Photo by Chuck

Mar 29: Winter Wonderland on Skogan Pass at Marmot junction. Photo by Steve Riggs

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