Cold and freshly trackset

Mar 11, 2021:

Update from Ribbon Creek Tracksetter Jeff:

“Skogan Pass groomed for perhaps the last time this season. It’s great skiing up there at the moment. A big shout out to our guest groomer Tracksetter Darwyn from Cypress hills Who was behind the wheel tonight getting some grooming training. Let him know how he did for anyone who skis up there.”

Tracksetter Darwyn at Cypress Hills

I’ve met Tracksetter Darwyn from Cypress Hills a couple times, most recently in Dec 2019 when I was skiing at Cypress Hills. The Cypress Hills snowcat was originally used at Ribbon Creek. 

The Hay Meadow thermometer is registering a cool -18°C this morning. It will warm up considerably with the various forecasts predicting anywhere between -4 to +5.  This is the last cold weather we’ll see at the Ribbon Creek area for at least a week. 

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

Elk Pass. File photo

Trackset yesterday/overnight: Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Hydroline, Patterson, Upper Lake, Fox Creek, Boulton Creek, Moraine. 

“Snow fell on Wednesday evening, heavy at times in the south end, with accumulations ranging from not much more than a cm at the north end of the trail system, to at least 6 to 8cm’s at some higher elevations areas in the south.  The snow stopped just after midnight, and the sky cleared.  Some of Wednesday night’s grooming will have no new snow on top of the grooming, and some of the earlier grooming may have up to 4 or 5 cm’s.  The new snow was mixed well in to the icy base, with higher a percentage of ice in the final mix at lower elevations.”

The Lower Lake thermometer is offline, but the PLPP maintenance compound was at -19 at 6 a.m. The Weather Network indicates -15 at 7:45 a.m. with a predicted high of zero. 

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide were trackset yesterday.

West Bragg Creek

“A light dusting of snow allowed for some basic grooming and track setting overnight. Expect shallow tracks with icy sections . Challenging spring conditions persist and with warmer weather forecast, we expect the grooming season in WBC to end in the next few days. Be safe!” 

Check Nordic Pulse for grooming details. 


Here’s some waxing ideas and advice from Space Dogs Ski Club. It includes suggestions for spring skiing. 

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