Final report from West Bragg Creek

Boomer Groomer in the Snow Rabbit on Feb 3, 2021.

Mar 14, 2021: The recent warm spring weather has turned WBC into daytime mush and morning ice. Our Grooming Team has used all the tricks they have up their collective sleeves and now have to admit that ‘spring has sprung the grass has ris – we wonder where the flowers is’…. we can do no more.

Iron Springs at West Bragg Creek on Feb 23, 2021.  Photo by Steve Riggs

It has been quite a season on WBC ski trails. We had an amazingly early start to skiing and grooming with a large dump of snow in October which was groomed to the delight of thousands of smiling skiers. As one of our groomers noted, the season that followed could best be described as ‘Hero to Zero’  with periods of outstanding skiing interspersed with other periods of drought.

We were blessed by the generosity of donors who helped us keep fuel in the tanks and grease on the wheels and of course bring on board that fantastic addition to our grooming fleet – ‘Erica’ the Snow Rabbit which helped us immensely through those dry patches!

On behalf of BCT and the whole ski grooming team – Jeff (Boomer Groomer) Hughes, Bill (Billy) Hoyne, Peter (The Rookie) Farran, Dan (Danny Boy) Creaser, Jeremy (Wobbly) Neufeld, Josh (Mr Miyagi) Leung and David (DNA) Cebuliak – we would like to thank you all for your generosity and all the fun times.

See you all next November for more winter goodness in WBC! 


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  1. Thank you! A few times I was out shortly after a big dump of snow, and I was amazed at how quickly the whole trail system was groomed. Thanks!

  2. I really appreciate your dedication and excellent grooming and track setting skills! Thanks for making the season great.

    Rhonda W

  3. Thanks to everyone at BCT! While it wasn’t a season for the record books like 19-20, we still enjoyed plenty of fine skiing at Bragg. And like Mike W- I’m not giving up yet. My closing day there last year was April 6, with good skiing in dry new snow over firm old grooming. In terms of preserving the base, this week’s forecast isn’t looking too promising, though.

  4. Thank you WBC grooming team! You did awesome!

  5. Tom and Lynda Galeski

    Thank you to the team for a great season of grooming!

  6. Thanks to the WBC grooming team for all the work this winter! My last ski there last winter was April 8. I’m figuring there’s going to be at least one more big dump and I’m hoping be back for at least one more ski this spring, with or without grooming!


      We had a great many visits this year and thank you so much for your hours of hard work.

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