“Good conditions if you like double poling” -Don

Don was describing the early-morning icy conditions at Confederation golf course on Friday. 

This early spring is quite a change from last winter when we had the best ski season ever. If you’re prepared to drive, you can still find some winter-like conditions in PLPP and Lake Louise where the forecast indicates sub-zero temperatures starting tomorrow(Sunday) and a small amount of new snow. 

West Bragg Creek

“Unseasonably warm temperatures, high winds and freeze-thaw have taken a big toll on WBC trails. Expect icy mornings, slushy afternoons and glazed tracks. The Groomers are heart broken…”

Lake Louise Loppet March 7, 2016

Lake Louise

Lots of tracksetting occurred today including the following trails:

  • Moraine Lake Rd
  • Great Divide
  • Lake Louise surface
  • Lake Louise Shoreline
  • Lower Telemark
  • Fairview
  • Upper & Lower Tramline

Sunday, March 7 is the final day of the Calgary Ski Club’s  Virtual Lake Louise Loppet.

Peter Lougheed Provincial Park

“For a number of reasons, the usual weekend grooming shifts have been switched around this week, and the middle trails were groomed and trackset on Friday night; as long as everything goes according to plan the north east section of trails will be groomed on Saturday night.”

Last night’s tracksetting included Whiskey Jack, Packers, Upper Pocaterra, Lower Lake. That means we may see tracksetting tonight on Lower Pocaterra, Rolly Road, Come-Along and Lynx. 

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