How many skiers are there?

I’ve always been curious about this, and now that we have a few statistics, how many cross-country skiers do you think there are in the greater Calgary area?

  • 5200 Kananaskis season passes were purchased. 
  • 2500 day passes were purchased. 

Based on this information, what would be your estimate of the number of skiers in the SkierBob empire? 


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  1. 65,000 x-c skiers if you count those who only ski once or twice a year in town or at West Bragg.

  2. 100,000 viewers .

  3. How many did not purchase a pass? How many skiers are there for each season pass? My guess would be 1.5 skiers per season pass, and 20% of skiers did not purchase a pass so that would mean there are about 12,087 skiers.

    • Now that I see Ken’s numbers, I’ll adjust the total slightly down since some skiers bought multiple passes. Make it 12,000 even.

      • Our parking lot volunteers have kept records all season long of passes vs non-passes, so we will have more accurate data in due course. But, at this point, I would say that Natalie’s estimate of 20% is about right. That said, I think that 1.5 persons per vehicle is a bit low – even in this COVID year … I’d up that to maybe 1.8.

      • Surely there must be more than 1% of the calgary population that XC skis, or there would be less ski retailers.

  4. Hey Bob….I might be able to help out a bit. Here is a breakdown from the combined season and day passes:
    Calgary 6030
    Canmore 649
    Okotoks 133
    Cochrane 274
    Edmonton 183
    Banff 27
    Red Deer 64
    Foothills 33
    Other 207

    Some error margin here — because these numbers include as separate counts those people who purchased more than one pass.

  5. Hi Bob,

    I now live in Bonnyville and I purchased a Kananaskis season pass, which I have used 2 times so far and intend to use 2 more times by the end of the season.
    Either your question is too broadly stated, or else Bonnyville is part of the greater Calgary area and SkierBob empire!
    In any case, you should come here and try the excellent trails of the Lakeland region and enjoy some night skiing lit by polar auroras!


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