Information has greatly improved

Before Kananaskis started displaying their trail reports online, the above report is all you would get – once a week – if you had a fax machine!

2006: This section of Pocaterra no longer exists.

The Visitor Centre attendants were busy all day fielding phone calls from skiers who were in search of the latest tracksetting info. 

Take a look at the dates on the trail report. Most of the information was already four days old when this was compiled. 

2006: Old Pocaterra at the Stroil junction. 

I don’t remember when Alberta Parks and Parks Canada went online, but the lack of timely information was one of the reasons that I started this blog in 2008. 

In keeping with the “old” theme, I’ve included a few photos of Old Pocaterra. The floods of 2013 wiped it out and Stroil was no longer skiable. Old Pocaterra which was a wonderful beginner’s trail was a huge loss to the ski community. 

I was happy to see Doug’s trip report from PLPP, and that the two-day-old tracksetting is still in good shape. I’ve been curious to know if the Old Lynx trail was skiable and Doug did it today. It was a much easier trail than the new trail. 

Tomorrow should be an excellent day for skiing on cold snow with tonight’s forecast low of -15°C at Boulton Creek. Tomorrow’s high is predicted to be +1.

There’s also a bit of fresh snow in the forecast, so tonght’s tracksetting should be excellent tomorrow. 

Some trails which were lost to the warm weather are coming back to life. I’m speculating that Kananaskis must have received some snow today because the Skogan Pass trails are being trackset this evening. It’s cold there tonight at -14 but warming up to +4 tomorrow. 

At Lake Louise, Moraine Lake road and the Great Divide were trackset.

The core trails at West Bragg Creek were groomed. 

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