Lost dog at Elbow Valley/West Bragg Creek


Update Mar 8 at 9 pm: “RIO IS HOME!!!!!!! Tonight 2 people found her while heading down Sugar Momma, after sunset! She came up to them and the dogs! She ate lots of treats, and just got dropped off here at home. She is exhausted (me too!) Thank you Alex and Annie for finding her! And a huge thank you to the literally thousands of people who shared posts, tweeted, shared on IG stories, called, texted…sorry to those who never got replies, there was an overwhelming number and not enough time, as well as the soooo many people who came out to hike trails, put out flyers, even offer to bring me food, stay out overnight with me etc. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of love, help and support we got.”

Mar 7, 2021: “HELP! Rio is lost! She got attacked and chased by a big dog, she bolted and is missing in the Elbow Valley. Last seen heading north on Elbow Trail at the North Snagmore Trail intersection (area roughly between Fullerton Loop parking and West Bragg. She is wearing the harness seen in this pic, she does have a tag with my number on it. If anyone sees her, please call or text Lisa at 587-700-5668.”

Bit of a long shot but perhaps she ended up on a ski trail in WBC after she disappeared.

Update from the dog owner at 10 pm:



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  1. FOUND!
    Rio was found tonight on sugar momma and has made it home.
    A huge thank you to the community for all the support, it was great to see so many out looking.

  2. talked to Lisa and dog is found?

  3. did you find the dog yet? if not i will come and look tomorrow

    • Hi greg, it hasn’t been found and there were no sightings of the dog today.

      Update at 9 pm: The dog was found shortly after sunset today on Sugar Momma trail.

  4. Small update, she was seen late afternoon heading up Snowy Owl from Boundary towards West Bragg. She is very scared and bolted as soon as she saw the people. Search was called off for the night, will resume tomorrow morning.

  5. Any updates?
    Hate to think she is out there still tonight.

  6. I do hope they find Rio-so scary when a pup goes missing. Please post Bob if you hear anything.

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