Chris and Karl on Elk Pass. Nov 20, 2020

Mar 12, 2021: Congratulations to Chris and Karl for completing their 1000K quest this winter. They arrived at their goal on the trails at Lake Louise today.  Chris and Karl have submitted 40 helpful trip reports this winter from trails throughout the empire. Thank you!

MaSid on Elk Pass. Nov 20, 2020

Congratulations to MaSid for going skiing 60 times this winter. I am fascinated with his off-track trail-breaking and couch-building. The Elk Pass meadows have been the subject of many beautiful photos this winter. 

Oddly enough, I took pictures of Chris, Karl and MaSid on the same day on Elk Pass. 

Cascade Valley elk, Jan 16 by Chuck

I have collected over 80 photos in the “Favourite Photos” file from this winter, many of them sent in by readers. Rather than fire all of my guns at once, I will post a few occasionally throughout the remainder of March. The photos are all interesting, scenic, or unique in some way.  The photo by Chuck of the elk peering through the bushes would be one of my top 10 from this winter. 


Mt Shark trails were trackset Thursday night/Friday morning. 

Tunnel Mountain trails in Banff were trackset today.

Redearth Creek was trackset yesterday.

Peyto and Upper Telemark were trackset today. 

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