One more day of winter wonderland

Meadow in PLPP

I was greeted with a winter wonderland atmosphere when I arrived at Boulton Creek in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in mid-afternoon. 


I skied on last night’s tracksetting: Wheeler, Amos, Woolley, and Meadow with a side trip on Lynx. I had not even skied on Woolley and Meadow this season, so it was about time.


There was 1-3 cm of new snow on top of the grooming, but it was well skied-in by Jean-Francois and all the other early skiers and was in excellent condition. 

The temperature at 2 pm was +1°C and the fresh snow almost scared me into using my twin skins, but I decided to try out the waxable skis first, and I’m glad I did. Darcy already gave you the formula for successful waxing today. Purple covered with blue. It worked perfectly with excellent grip and no sticking. I used one layer of VR50(0/-4) covered with one layer of VR40(-4/-12). 

Bob Moir

I started out on Wheeler, and the first person I met on the trail was Bob Moir, president of the Senior’s Outdoor Club of Calgary. It’s been a difficult winter for all the senior’s groups who usually take buses for mid-week trips to the mountains. No wonder there were a lot of cars in the Boulton Creek parking lot. Elkwood was also very busy. 

Today’s tracksetting…

Lake Louise: Moraine Lake road and Great Divide. 


Kananaskis: All Skogan area trails groomed and trackset this AM after 5 to 7 cm new snow fell last evening and upwards of 20cm new higher up since the last grooming. Though subject to change in the coming days conditions are still very good winter conditions, particularly at elevation.”

West Bragg Creek update from Boomer Gromer: “Variable conditions including Slush and ice flows, snow fleas, soft skate lanes due to deep renovation to remediate equestrian damage on Mountain Road, and glazed tracks. Best bet if classic skiing to stay on core trails and avoid sun exposed areas. Travel on the east section of Mountain road (east of Blue Bridge) is not recommended.”

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