Saturday morning update

Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill junction on Mar 19. Photo provided by Sophie.

Mar 20, 2021:

Tracksetting in PLPP last night included Whiskey Jack, Upper Pocaterra, Packers, and Lower Lake. Inconsistent snow conditions not only make for challenging skiing, but it’s also a challenge for the groomers….

 “The snow base changed continually and ranged from quite moist all the way through (early at lower elevations), to completely frozen (in open high elevation areas), to varying degrees of solid on top and gooey underneath, with 2 to 6cm’s of new snow on top.  Some uneven surfaces and poorly formed tracks exist, mostly on the earlier grooming at lower elevations (and especially north of Packers to the Lower Lake junction).  At 4:30AM in the Boulton Creek parking lot, very light snow was falling under a mainly clear sky.  At the time between 1cm (at the very north end) and 6cm’s (at higher elevations) of new snow had fallen on Friday, possibly a little more in the very south end.”

The PLPP Visitor Centre this morning is -5°C with an expected high of +1. 

Trails which weren’t groomed should be somewhat refreshed with the new snow. 

Helen encountered up to 8 cm of new snow at Lake Louise. Fairview was trackset, and let’s hope there is some new grooming on Moraine Lake road and Great Divide. 

The Canmore Nordic Centre Mar 20 update: “It’s Official Spring has sprung.  Cooler temps overnight and that skiff of snow yesterday has helped revitalize some of the trails. Don’t get too excited though as many trails still have marginal conditions with bare spots and icy sections. Keep your eye on the trail report and more importantly use caution when skiing as trail conditions are changing hourly.”

Weather forecasts are calling for a significant snowfall on Sunday/Monday with continued cooler temperatures in the mountains. 

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