Snowfall update

Mar 29, 2021:

The trails in PLPP received 10 cm as of midnight. The Mud Lake weather station in Kananaskis received an additional 4 cm after midnight so the new tracksetting in PLPP will probably have some fresh snow on top.

Nakiska reports in at 15 cm of overnight snow.

Lake Louise ski resort received 13 cm overnight at the lower elevation, 22 cm over the past 24 hours. 

The West Bragg Creek web cam shows fresh snow in the parking lot. 

Canmore Nordic Centre must have received substantial snow. Most of the natural snow trails were trackset overnight. Spray Lakes road is CLOSED until further noticed for avalanche control work. 

I received about 1 cm in Calgary. Wind warning is still in effect for Calgary and Kananaskis. 

PLPP tracksetting update

Amos, Meadow, Woolley and Wheeler were trackset last night. Expect some fresh snow on the trails. 

“Heavy flurries rolled into the park late Sunday evening, and by the time grooming was finished around midnight, approximately 10 cm had accumulated. Before the air temperature dropped below zero degrees (at 20:00), the precipitation was quite wet, and was reportedly falling as rain at lower elevations in the park earlier in the day. There is a thin trackset in places, mainly at lower elevations, where there was less new snow, with a higher moisture content, on a more solid base.  Prior to tonight’s storm, there were accumulations of about 2cm’s  (at lower elevations) to almost 10cm’s (at higher elevations) on all trails groomed before the weekend.”

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