Sun-screen update

Paradise Valley on Mar 3. Photo by Chuck

Winter is scheduled to return next week, so I hope some snow will survive. 

Not even the high elevations are safe from the heat wave. The predicted high in PLPP tomorrow(Thursday) is a blistering +7°C and sunny according to the Weather Network.  

Three-toed woodpecker. Photo by Chuck

It was nice to see the Ribbon Creek crew was able to get Bill Milne, Wedge, and Evan-Thomas trackset this morning.

With the extremely warm temperatures we are experiencing, you can expect very little tracksetting over the next few days(but I hope I’m wrong).

If it freezes at night, we might see some grooming in PLPP. 

Chuck spent the day in Paradise Valley, where it was cooler and he was able to use wax. 

Avalanche warning for Kananaskis, Banff, Yoho, Kootenay

Avalanche danger is rated Considerable at Alpine, treeline, and below treeline. 

“Avalanche Canada, in partnership with Parks Canada and Alberta’s Kananaskis Country, is issuing a Special Public Avalanche Warning for recreational backcountry users across a widespread area of BC and Alberta.  Increasing temperatures are in the forecast and the effect of this first big warm-up of the season will destabilize the snowpack. This special warning is in effect immediately and will stay effective through the weekend.”

If you stick to groomed trails, you’re pretty safe, but there is still some risk on a few trails: Groomed trails with avalanche risk

Tracksetting update

The following trails were trackset today(March 3) but a few in PLPP would have been done late on March 2:

Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan Thomas

“Groomed and trackset this AM with 5 cm new snow since last grooming. Great conditons, but expect a freeze / thaw cycle over the coming days.”

Cold Shoulder at CNC

Canmore Nordic Centre

In addition to the usual man-made-snow tracksetting, the following natural snow trails were trackset: Banff trail, Bow, Meadowview, Grey Wolf, Cold Shoulder, Wooded Bliss. 

Cold Shoulder(pictured) is one of the most scenic trails at CNC. 

Bow Trail at CNC

Yoho/Emerald lake

“Joe just got back from track setting all linked trails between Field, Emerald, Otterhead River(KHFR). Enjoy Spring conditions–careful on the hills. He will wait for Yoho Valley Road for a while yet.”


The trails on the west side of the road including Lodgepole, Braille, Sinclair, WWL Access, Spruce Road, and Meadow(partial). 

Lake Louise

Lake Louise surface, Lake Louise Shoreline, Lower Telemark, and Upper Telemark.

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  1. Pssst…. new update from Nordiq Alberta re: the Kananaskis Parking pass program. Looks like $270,000 was raised via passes, plus $22k in donations.

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