Thanks for the tracks!

March 15, 2021:

It was announced yesterday that grooming has terminated for this season in both West Bragg Creek and Ribbon Creek. 

This would be a good time to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of all the tracksetters in the SkierBob universe. We’re very fortunate to have grooming personnel who take a lot of pride in their work and make the trails so enjoyable for us.

Tracksetter Jeff

A special thanks to Ribbon Creek Tracksetter Jeff for his 38 years of diligent and conscientious work on the Ribbon Creek, Kananaskis Village, Bill Milne, and Skogan Pass trails. We’re sad to see you go, but we hope you have an enjoyable retirement. To me, it seems like an important part of Kananaskis will be missing with Jeff not here. 

I don’t have everyone’s photo but would like to add any that are missing if you can send them to me.

The tracksetters from Parks Canada – Lake Louise are pictured but requested that I not identify them by name. 


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  1. Thanks to the wonderful Tracksetters for all the joy you spread through your service!

  2. Just awesome work and so greatly appreciated all the time but during a pandemic just so much more. Thank you for some great tracks this year.

  3. Huge appreciation to all the tracksetters and groomers. Great job. In addition, we would like thank the many unknown faces who ploughed the roads and parking lots, so that we could get to all that wonderful tracksetting!

  4. Oh sure, these tracksetters are really great and everything. Toiling away at all hours of the day and night for little or no pay.

    But who here among us wouldn’t kill to toodle around in these uber-cool machines and be loved by all?

    It looks like a pretty good gig.


  5. Chris, Peter & Kazzy Thomas

    A sad day in the Skier Bob universe when grooming is over for the season at Bragg Creek and Ribbon Creek. Here’s hoping for a few more weeks at Lake Louise, PLPP and Mt. Shark, we’re not ready for winter to be over yet! Many thanks to all the groomers, it’s been a great year!

  6. Thanks to everyone who has worked on the trails for our enjoyment and safety. Your skill and dedication is very much appreciated.

  7. Thanks to everyone this year! More than any other year, this has made such a difference to our health and well being!

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