Wayback Wednesday

Whiskey Jack flooding damage in 2013

After this catastrophic incident, I never take Whiskey Jack for granted. The floods of June 2013 are slowly fading from memory, but this one is still vivid for me. My worst fears were realized when I inspected the damage on Whiskey Jack on July 12, 2013… “when I saw the huge cavern which ran down the middle of the trail for 250 metres, I honestly didn’t think we’d ever ski on it again.”

Climbing Whiskey Jack

My blog post from July 12, 2013: Disastrous damage on Whiskey Jack

Later that summer the trail was repaired and we were skiing on it by December 1st Thrilled to be skiing on Whiskey Jack. 

The picnic table at the top of Whiskey jack

I’ve skied Whiskey Jack more than any other trail in the SkierBob empire. 202 times to be exact. It’s a long, strenuous climb but when you arrive at the top, so many wonderful possibilities are available to a skier. 

The area along the trail between 3.2k-3.5k which was excavated to repair the damage is very visible when you’re skiing. 

The original Pocaterra trail from the hut to Lynx junction was also destroyed by the 2013 floods and a replacement was ready for the 2013-14 ski season. 

A portion of Elk Pass also had to be rerouted from the north Hydroline junction as you go south. 

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