A new blog is ready

I’d like to give a warm and enthisiastic welcome to SkierRoger.

Roger Sakatch

One of the nice features which you will notice is that trip reports will appear front and centre on the home page. Click over and have a look – Roger welcomes your feedback and suggestions. 

Roger has posted a self-introduction and tells you a little about himself. 

If there is any more skiing to be done this spring, I hope you will leave a report on the new blog as it will help Roger fine-tune and make sure everything is working properly. No doubt there will be a few glitches to iron out going forward. 

Most of the menu items from my blog have been transferred over, so it should be one-stop shopping. 


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  1. Happy ‘retirement’ Bob. Hope you regain some sense of solitude and serenity on the trails again and may your next chapter be refreshing and bring you contentment.
    —Yours in skiing, grooming and storytelling, JeremyN

  2. It’s unfortunate that trip reporting on the new blog requires registration, login, password, email. These are barriers to participation in a system of user based information sharing.

    • I understand your point Masaid. It is a bit more work to post a trip report, however once registered you only need to login with a Username and Password.

      I have received a lot of positive feedback from others regarding this, as in general it makes the website more secure and gives people a better sense of online safety. For instance: it ensures that others cannot post under someone else’s name; very important to many.

      I really hope that these extra few steps won’t deter you from participating in this blog. We value your input .

      • Not to worry Roger. He’ll come around.

        His furniture business won’t survive without you.

      • Purely my opinion, but never seemed to be an issue over the years on bobs blog, with just an email being sufficient to prevent abuse, even posting under somebody else’s handle, or a different handle for comedic relief relative to the subject. Maximizing participation by minimizing barriers seems like a good approach, again, just my humble opinion. Maybe bob can chime in on his experience with it. Depends somewhat on the time you may spend sending people their passwords manually. Regardless, couches will still get built and utilized along with access trails.

        • Without these kinds of barriers, blogs can get flooded with spam messages posted by bots. Removing spam from blogs is time consuming and a big headache. I think the registration process is pretty simple and non-invasive. It’s a heck of a lot better than Facebook with its trackers and other privacy-invading technology.

        • Actually MaSid, this was definitely an issue (others have tried to post here under my name, and it has taken hours of Bob’s time to try to rectify it).
          The issue may not have affected you, as you don’t choose to use your real name here.
          I appreciate Roger’s efforts to provide an efficient and secure site.
          Hope you try it next season… we all look forward to your reports.

          • I agree with Chuck, Arie, and Aqua-toque. Registration is a good thing.
            Recall those few times when Bob had been busy with other matters, and when the spam would begin dribbling in? I’m sure that there was much more work behind the scenes than any of us can imagine, as hinted at by Chuck.

  3. Bob – not sure if this is the right forum but I’m sure I’m not the only one to wonder what set Roger apart from the other offers to continue your legacy?
    Btw – I’m looking forward to Rogers site and am happy to see it’s been a relatively smooth transition and so many shared resources. Clearly you had a solid combined effort over a few months to make this happen, for which we are all grateful.

    • Hi Richie, I didn’t do anything except offer to put a link on my home page to anyone who started a new blog. Roger was the first to have a site ready to go. I will put additional links if anyone else starts a blog.

  4. Many thanks for supplying skiers & snowshoers with great information on grooming in our park areas. I’ve used your site for many years as my ‘go to’ before heading out.. Very grateful for all the hours you’ve put into this site – will miss seeing it but glad to see SkierRoger will continue. You’ve set up a great legacy…again thank you.

  5. Bob,
    The best part of your site was your personality and the enthusiasm you injected(, plus the spirited debates on track setting, fat bikers, dogs and skate skiers). We are forever indebted to you for adding a whole new dimension to the best winter sport ever. Nothing beats a Skier Bob meeting on the trails. Thank you .!!

  6. Bob,
    Thank you for helping to promote the ski trails in Cypress Hills. Hope to see you out here next winter.
    Roger, thank you for continuing the great work that Bob has carried out.


  7. Bob, thank you so much for your years of dedication to your blog! You have made such a huge difference for all of us who love to ski! I hope you continue to enjoy the trails, and will post on Roger’s blog.
    Welcome, Roger! Your new blog is looking wonderful! Thank you for taking up the reins. I’m sure it will be a great success!

  8. Bob, your comments and posts have been very welcome. We hate to see you go but welcome Rodger. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and taking over a huge job Roger.


    Thanks Roger for giving us an option.
    I like the fact that one has to register to either Post or Comment.
    THANK YOU BOB for all your work through the years, and managing my social media exposure!

  10. This is encouraging me to go out for one more ski trip this season, just so that I can post about it.

  11. Andrew Ostrowski

    And who is Roger, any introduction?

    • Hi Andrew, Roger is going to post a self-introduction on his blog later today. A photo to post with my update is forthcoming.

      • Thank you, I followed your blog for at least 10 years, Happy Skiing in your retirement as a blogger, again thanks for your dedication to cross country skiing, I used to be skiing downhill for some 60 years since I was a small kid, but for the last 25 started also cross country, may never go back to downhill

      • Bob – I sure hope you will also join the rest of us with periodic commentary, photos, and good natured/friendly engagements.

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