Lionel. Photo by Alf Skrastins

April 21, 2021

A few days ago, Alf Skrastins made a good case for resurrecting Lionel as a groomed ski trail  The easiest, longest, most scenic beginner trail in Kananaskis. 

The sky was overcast that day and his photos weren’t optimal for displaying the remarkable scenery along the trail. Yesterday, Alf returned to the scene and I’ve posted a few of the beautiful blue-sky photos. You can see more on Alf’s report. For those who are late to the game, Lionel is the closed portion of Hwy #40 from the winter gate to the Back Door, about 9K. 


Will Ski Mania continue?

I was reading an article in where they asked the question…

“We don’t know whether the introduction of XC skiing to many first-time XC skiers encouraged enough of them to become regular XC skiers”

As the Shirelles put it in their #1 hit song “Is this a lasting treasure, or just a moment’s pleasure?”

If things are back to normal by November, will the first-time skiers still be keen, or will there be lots of used gear for sale? Perhaps it begs the question, “Will Covid ever be conquered?” 12 months ago, I never dreamed the pandemic would still be raging.


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  1. With all due respect to the Shirelles, the slower version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” recorded by co-writer Carole King in 1971 (and featuring James Taylor and Joni Mitchell on backup) is the superior one which definitively captures the spirit of the lyrics.

  2. That would be great to have that trail groomed. A great place for families and people who just want to put some km’s on and beginners as well. Great wide open trail with amazing views.

  3. I expect that a large percentage of new XC skiers (or those that returned after many years) will continue to develop their skills and interest… However for a fair percentage (~WAG ~20-40%) they’ll be of the “been there done that” mind set, or feel it’s too much work, or give up without giving it a fair attempt sadly. So… this next winter and the following I’m hoping for some great deals on lightly used decent equipment!!
    – Same could be said for any of the Covid-mania goods such as cycling gear, camping goods, and sadly enough pets.

    That all said, the increased awareness of our amazing outdoor facilities will hopefully generate increased development, maintenance, and funding for these terrific assets. That might include government funding, funding drives, and even sponsorships. I suspect government funding will be increasingly curtailed due to the excess and continued unrestrained federal spending problems.

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