Number crunching

With Tessa at Nipika in 2011

This blog reached 1.8 million+ readers this winter, and logged 2.4 million page views. 

The average winter readership over the past four years was 1.1 million. 

Photo from 1999

Since starting the blog in 2008…

  • I’ve written 2854 updates. 
  • 28,750 comments have been submitted. 

I don’t know what possessed me to log every ski trip and my distance traveled. Perhaps it encouraged me to try and do even more the following season. In any event, here are some final statistics:

My favourite trail, Tyrwhitt

Since I started skiing in 1997…

  • I’ve logged 25,029 kilometres.
  • The most kilometres I’ve skied in one winter was 1731 in 2012-2013. I skied 105 times that season. 
  • The most kilometres I’ve skied in one day is 71(Lake Louise to Banff in 2004). 
  • I’ve skied my all-time favourite trail, Tyrwhitt, 134 times(but no amount will ever be enough). 
  • My second-favourite: Goat Creek, 84 trips. 
  • I’ve climbed Whiskey Jack 203 times. 

First trail I ever skied: Terrace, at Kananaskis Village. My first winter of skiing in 1997-98, I logged 90 kilometres. 

Times I skied with my dog, Tessa: 156. I miss her every day. 

Medals I’ve won in ski races: 17

When I started skiing, all I was interested in was going fast. I entered a lot of ski races and had fun competing against my friend Peter who I met in the Calgary Ski Club. He was usually standing in my way of a gold medal but I finally beat him in a come-from-behind victory in the 2005 Cookie race which was a memorable event for me. 


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  1. You have been a beacon of joy, hope and humour to millions of diverse people from around the world who share the common obsession for xc skiing. I thank you from the bottom of my sticky wax box for your constancy and unflappable enthusiasm you gave to us all, your readers. You will be missed. Every day.

  2. Big thumbs up!

  3. Contributions by Skier Bob to the local xc ski community- innumerable!
    See you on the trails.

  4. Not much to add, but huge appreciation for all that you have given us 🙂
    We don’t know how we will manage without you, you will be sorely missed!
    Thank you for everything, and congratulations on a remarkable record!
    Wishing you many more years of great skiing 🙂

  5. Wow! 2854 posts is a remarkable number. I know how much work it is to put just one post together. Thank you!

  6. Wow! That is an amazing record, Bob. You must be the fittest guy on the trails.

    Thanks again for all your great tips and advice.

  7. Congratulations on all your numbers, summarized today, Bob. While I have only come across you on the trails, once to my recollection, I have visited your site often and daily in the last quite long while. Your input to many skiers as they try to figure out where to go has been immeasurable. I for one will miss reading your blogs, seeing your trip and snow reports, and looking at the many photos you and others have posted.
    Hopefully we will cross paths in the future and maybe share a couple of words along the way. Many of our seniors club skiers have benefitted from your website.
    Thank you for all you have done over the years and all the best to you.

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