“Prairie guy makes good in the rockies!”

The above original painting will be a treasured memento of my days as the moderator of this blog. If you recognize the mountain, you’ll know which trail it is. This painting by Canmore artist Erin Kerr is incredibly detailed; you can see the individual lines of corduroy on the groomed trail. 

Not only have I skied the Bill Milne trail dozens of times, but I can also look at the Mt Kidd fire lookout and fondly remember hiking up there with Tessa. 

I seldom post anything on my personal Facebook page, but I thought I could impress my Saskatchewan friends and relatives by showing them the beautiful painting which I received yesterday in recognition of my 13 years of moderating this blog.

Among the many comments from old friends and relatives, was this one:

As a boy on the farm, I always enjoyed walking out into the pasture and connecting with nature although I didn’t actually realize that was what I was doing. That’s probably why I immediately took to cross-country skiing once I discovered it. I love the remoteness of the trails and the peace and quiet they offer. 

Thank you to Nordiq Alberta for the gift, and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the popularity of my blog. 


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  1. Congratulations and many thanks again for the wonderful work you have done for so many years

  2. Congratulations Bob for the well deserved honour.

  3. Congratulations on being awarded such a beautiful painting Bob! Thanks again for your wonderful blog and happy ski trails!

  4. A beautiful painting and a well earned recognition. Thank you Bob for your amazing website. I will sure miss it.

  5. That is beautiful!! Congratulations, and thank you for everything! <3

  6. What a fitting gift. You deserve it, Bob!

  7. Pierre Fournier

    We all thrive in some manner to make a difference in other peoples lives and ours.
    You certainly did.
    Thank you Bob.

  8. Cathy, Porter, Bekka, Rick, and from beyond - Ike and Polly

    That is just perfect and so fitting. Put it somewhere you can look at it from anywhere in your favourite room!

    Although, like many of us who have followed this blog, I think it’s quite possible your favourite room has distant rock walls and an unlimited ceiling of February Rocky Mountain Blue.

  9. Chuck and Jeannette

    A great recognition of all your hard work… Thank You Bob

  10. Congratulations Bob, and Thank you so much for all your efforts and ski reports. You will be sorely missed… see you on the trails.

  11. Hello Bob!

    Thank you for your kind words! I am so pleased you love your painting.

    As a frequent visitor of the ‘Skier Bob’ page, it was an honour to be able to help celebrate your well earned retirement!

    More of my work can be found on Instagram @erinkerr.clubb

    Happy trails,

  12. A beautiful painting and a well deserved special gift, of one of your favourite trails. Couldn’t quite tell if the skier was wearing a skihere toque.

  13. So awesome. You deserve it Bob. Thank you for everything. Enjoy your next chapter and hope to see you on trails!

  14. Well deserved recognition. Thanks for all your hard work.

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