Snow-couch funding

MaSid’s Pipestone river couch

“Snow couch funding throughout the empire where decent seating unavailable!”

Like me, did you have a good chuckle upon reading MaSid’s suggestion for the slush fund?

This post isn’t about MaSid’s suggestion to underwrite funding for snow-couches, but it exemplifies why I’ve enjoyed the contributions to this blog. 

As Helen said about MaSid, “you have a gift for creative writing and your personality shines through your unique reports.”

That could be said about most of the people who have commented on here. 

The finish line for my blog is in sight

I’ve been trying to find the words to express my appreciation to everyone who has contributed trip reports and comments, so the following comment from Helen is what I want to say…

“It is ALL these unique reporters who share who they are and what they do that makes this blog such a gift to the rest of some of us, senior ‘armchair enthusiasts.’  I have loved everyone’s reports AND pictures: (Chuck/Alf/Steve/Normand/Diana/Jeff/Erin …..ALL who post) and vicariously inhale every single word that is written and photo that is shared…..I look forward to seeing you all next season.”

A new chapter is about to begin and I will soon be giving you a link to a new blog.

Kananaskis Conservation Pass

The final results of the CTV poll question, “Do you support user fees for Kananaskis Country?” were 1509-1415 in favour. 52% – 48%. 

The CBC Eyeopener podcast from April 28 has a segment on Pay-to-Play in Kananaskis


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  1. A correction: I think Helen’s “creative writing” comment was directed to MAAD, not myself. Wouldn’t want to steal anyone’s thunder.


    CTV Are Statistically Unscientific Junk Polls

    The CTV CFCN poll that was conducted is statistically unscientific and should not even be considered anywhere near scientifically accurate. As a person who spent too much time studying statistics, I understand that every poll on CTV is not scientific as the polls can be pushed by people with an agenda and it is not a random poll which is required for good statistical science.

    The polls may somewhat represent the views of the CFCN TV viewers only at best, but still not likely. The poll could have been pushed by UCP party members or supporters as far as we know.

    The best poll on such a political question would be to allow the legalization of the right of people to vote on government bills. If the people had the choice, they likely would reject park tax fees which are a regressive tax. Regressive taxes are taxes that harm the less wealthy more than the wealthy and are based on a proportion of income. If a poor person earns $7000 dollars per year and has to pay the same $90 park entrance fee as a millionaire, it is a higher proportion of the poor persons income going to the tax as compared to the millionaire.

    Here is the math:
    $7000 poor income divided by $90 park fee tax equals 1.3% of total income.
    $1,000,000 wealthy income divided by $90 park fee tax equals .009% of total income.

    As one can see the millionaire is not affected much by the park fee whereas the poor person pays a large proportion of income to access the park.

    The scientifically poor CTV CFCN poll results are also affected by income levels. Poor people can not afford a cable connection to watch CFCN CTV TV or even an internet connection so they would be unable to participate in the poll which skews the poll results even further in favor of wealthier people.

    Most polling these days is junk as pollers can not access people in a random manner as easily or economically as in the past by land line telephone. The only other method to get random statistical surveys is to directly randomly poll people which is time consuming and expensive. All other polling methods do not give a scientifically accurate picture, as we have seen during recent elections.

    • I agree. Likewise with the government’s claim that 2/3 of Albertans were in favour of provincial park user fees. I can’t remember if the government qualified that statement by saying it was 2/3 of the people who responded to its online survey, but even so the results are next to meaningless. As MAAD noted, the results of a voluntary survey in which typically a small minority of eligible participants respond, is primarily a measure of the relative ability of lead supporters on each side of the issue to rally support for their position. The same could be said about the government survey that found Albertans were generally against most forms of coal mining. Is this actually the case, or were environmental groups simply more effective in rallying support than those with coal mining interests?

      The other point is that it’s very easy to get the survey results you want by how you frame the question. If you ask whether parks should be funded by user fees or taxes, you’ll get a different response than if you state that the government will not spend an extra penny on parks and your choice is between having a user fee to keep the parks in good shape, or no user fee and let the parks get destroyed.

      • 19 times out of 20 the average skier in Alberta will sit on a couch made out of snow if they have a piece of blue foam.

        • The average reader of SkierBob is in a comatose state if they do not laugh hysterically at what aqua toque posts. N>30, statistically significant.

  3. Taking this opportunity to say thanks Bob for creating the blog and supporting this amazing community. My husband and I have visited the Rockies to ski every year or two for many years now, travelling from Ottawa. First few years, our visits were tacked on to an annual work trip to Calgary, and gradually extended over the years. I was one of the (probably now thousands of) smiling skiers that you have snapped a photo of, for me coming down Lake O’Hara Road on classic skis. Now we are retired and hoping to visit for longer. It is a fall tradition for us to start checking out your blog, especially in years we have planned a trip. You have brought joy and the chance to see the mountains to many who are not fortunate enough to live as close to them as most of your readers and contributors do. We would love to share our little corner of nordic ski heaven, the Gatineau Park, with you if you ever head out Ottawa way. Best of luck in your future plans!

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