Snowfall update

Canmore Nordic Centre on April 9. Photo by Jeannie McBroom

April 9, 2021

Jeannie’s caption for the above photo: “Corduroy is back in style”

Anna(Thursday April 8): “Elk Pass parking to Blueberry Hill Kananaskis is a winter wonderland! It snowed for a good portion of the day with the temperature around minus 3 or 4.  Very enjoyable skiing, but slow.”

Lake Louise and PLPP received a significant snowfall yesterday. As Anna reported, Wednesday night’s grooming in PLPP will have lots of new snow on top. There was no grooming on Thursday night. The north end of PLPP has received about 7 cm. 

Canmore Nordic Centre received enough snow to trackset the main natural snow trails including Banff, Meadowview, and Bow.

At Lake Louise, MaSid started out in 7 cm of fresh snow, and it snowed more while he was skiing. 

Nakiska is reporting 10 cm of overnight snow. 

Mt Shark tracksetting

“From almost 10 to over 15cm’s of fresh, dry snow was groomed and trackset at Mt Shark overnight on Thursday.  No new snow fell during the grooming, but intermittent strong wind gusts were moving around some loose snow and dropping countless very small tree bombs.  Though there is a possibility of one more night of grooming next week, this may be the last grooming at Mt Shark for the season.”

The temperature at 8:30 a.m. at the Kananaskis Lower Lake in PLPP is -6°C with an expected high of +3.

The Smith-Dorrien(Spray Lakes road, Hwy #742) is reported to be in poor spring driving condition with lots of potholes. 


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  1. Pipestone Blue up and Green Merlin/Drummond/Hector down. Yesterday’s hikers did not help the first stretch of blue but they turned off onto Drummond and then encountered deep post-holing by the pond and went back the way they came. Quite windy by Pipestone Pond so sheltered in the trees for lunch. Snow temp -4 at 12:30 with varying 5-8 cms in tracks of new snow. No worms as seen at CNC Wednesday or snow fleas-just clean cold snow. Saw one other couple and their dog. Merlin was a delight as always. No freezing up on blue 0 to -6 or clumping either. Supposed to be more snow tonight so check skilouise in am. Ma Sid tempted us to explore the meadows on MLR further but very happy with today’s choice.

  2. Fairview at LL was a wonderful gift today ( April 9).
    Skier track set in approximately 10 cms of fresh dry snow
    By 2:00 it was starting to soften but I don’t expect it get to warm so tomorrow should also be great.

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