Sunday morning update

April 11, 2021: Could this possibly be a blue-wax day?

The overnight grooming in PLPP should be in near-perfect condition today for some excellent skiing. The trails which were trackset last night, shown in green on the map, were Whiskey Jack, Upper Pocaterra, Packers, and Wheeler. There was no fresh snow on top of the new grooming, so the trails should be fast. 

Wheeler. File photo

If descending Packers, watch out for the ice flow which only has a thin covering of snow.

The temperature is staying cold enough for wax. The Lower Lake this morning is at -17°C with an expected high of -1. 

Moraine Lake Road at Lake Louise was trackset yesterday. Thanks to Dave for the unexpected good news. 

Some snow flurries are in the forecast for this afternoon. 

At Canmore Nordic Centre, trails on man-made snow were trackset overnight. 

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