The winter of social distancing

Keeping their distance: Dec 15 at Elk Pass/Hydroline/Tyrwhitt junction

April 18, 2021: Today’s snowfall should extend the season a bit. Thanks to Normand for his PLPP trip report. 

We’ve had the Year of Winter Wonderland 2019-20

the Year of the Pine Needle 2012-13 

the Year of the Deep Freeze 2016-17

the Best Ever Year 2019-20

This past winter will go down in history as the Year of the Pandemic.

Fortunately, xc skiing is an activity that is very safe and we were able to enjoy it without too much covid-related inconvenience. The Pocaterra hut wasn’t available and the PLPP Discovery Centre had shortened hours. Back on Dec 15 I wrote, “Matt made a point of stopping at the steepest part of the trail to have a chat, from a covid-approved distance of course.”

The biggest impact was felt, however, when attractive women stopped me on the trail to take a selfie. We couldn’t hug.

I’ve already posted, on March 12, and April 5 some of my favourite photos from the past winter. I’m adding some more in the gallery below:

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