April 4, 2021

First, I’d like to thank MK and SA from the PLPP Visitor Centre for their early-morning weather reports throughout the winter. I don’t know if today’s report is her final one, but MK said this morning “Good Morning! Flurries, obscure skies, and 0 degrees C in Peter Lougheed PP, Info Centre. Hope everyone has had a good season!”

Saturday night’s tracksetting in PLPP included Whiskey Jack, Upper Pocaterra, Packers, and Lower Lake.

Elk Pass

If the slush doesn’t stop you in your tracks, there’s another hazard lurking on Elk Pass…

“This very large tree is across the Elk Pass trail- located at the base of the steepest downhill section coming down from Elk Pass before the Blueberry Hill junction. It is fairly visible so people should be able to stop well before, but still wouldn’t want someone to get hurt plowing into it. Also wanted to give a heads up as the trail crew might need an extra set of hands to cut and move it.”

Thanks to Rhonda Jewett for the photo and report. 

Hwy 742(aka Smith-Dorrien, aka Spray Lakes road). 

I’ve always stayed away from the Smith Dorrien in the spring and with the increased traffic this year, it’s even worse, as Helen Read will attest: “DEPLORABLE CONDITIONS on Smith Dorrien yesterday all the way from Canmore end through Goat Creek and all way to Hwy 40.”

Walkers on Pocaterra

From the PLPP grooming report: “A few walkers have been ignoring the signs and there have been footprints on every part of every trail groomed on the weekend.  Walkers also took Friday night’s fresh grooming all the way up Pocaterra, and these prints will be frozen early Sunday morning.”


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  1. it’s about time the Govmint widens & pave this P.O.S. road (the new parking pass program could cover the cost) so us heavy hittin x country back country snow beaters can rip out there in our big chevy escalades (1 person per vehicle please) and ski the be-jeepers outa those mountains and still get back home for happy hour and start posting ad nauseam of our exploits oh yeah !!

  2. Don’t look at the potholes, look at the spaces between the potholes.

    • Spoken like a true Kananaskis tree skier! Not sure how well paving would work, or whether a worthy investment. But it does need regrading, as they do in spring/early summer. Maybe they haven’t been on normal schedule these days.

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