Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association update

From Bruce Barker, GBCTA Ski Committee Chair

As a follow up to our summer ski trail activities, here is an update on our activities:

1) Donate online: We have updated our website, with Donate Now buttons so you can donate online. Support the GBCTA with your donation, and receive up-to-date ski-grooming reports via email, within 12 hours of grooming. Find out when and where to ski, and which trails have been groomed. We are using CanadaHelps to process our donations and automatically issue CRA tax receipts. If you prefer to mail a cheque, donation forms are on the website.

2) New maps: We have also put the winter ski trail map, and summer trail development map on the website. Some of the new summer trails near the west Bragg Creek parking lot, and Allen Bill pond will be ideal for snowshoeing. We will be marking these trails with orange diamonds during the winter to help guide snowshoers. We are working with K-Country to develop new maps and signage to help guide people on the new trails. This may take several months, so we may just have temporary signage for the winter of 2011/12.

3) New Ginzu purchased: We received delivery of our second 7 foot Ginzugroomer and tracksetter this October, and now will be able to groom trails to 14 feet wide, with parallel tracks on either side of the trail. This will help facilitate skating down the middle of the trail.

4) Loggers Loop completed: As part of the All-Season Trail plan, budget was allocated to the clearing of Loggers Loop and building of a bridge. We will be seeking official approval of the trail this fall from K-Country to incorporate the trail into the winter ski trail system.

5) Iron Springs and Moose Loop brushed out: These two trails had grown in badly, and were cleared out to allow wider grooming and tracksetting.

6) Middle Crystal Line brushed out: This trail was virtually abandoned, and was brushed out. This will be a key trail in XC Bragg Creek’s Provincial Youth Championship ski race in March 2012.

7) Capital campaign: The missing piece in our equipment is a second new ski-doo. We are currently operating with a 1994 Alpine Twin Track snowmobile, and the new 2010 Yamaha 540 VK snowmobile. The Alpine will need replacing soon, and our hope is to raise enough capital to purchase a new snowmobile for the 2012/13 ski season. The approximate cost will be $15,000.

Thanks to Dean, Trevor and Peter for sweeping the trails on Nov 29 to clean up the deadfall after the Sunday windstorm.

Looking forward to a great ski season.


Bruce Barker

GBCTA Ski Committee Chair

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