Redearth creek by bike

Nice views on Redearth Creek

It was a perfect day for a bike ride up Redearth creek yesterday. One of my favourite ski trails in the winter, it’s a strenuous workout with 180 M elevation gain in the first 1.8K, and a total of 350 M net gain, with lots of up and down. All worthwhile for the fun, fastride on the return trip.

It’s 10.5K to the Warden’s cabin, at which point you’re not allowed to go any further by bike. If you want to see Shadow Lake, you can hike a further 4K.

Last winter, snow conditions on Redearth creek were the best I’ve ever seen. Let’s hope and pray for the same good fortune this winter. A beautiful day in Banff National park

Shadow Lake; Redearth Creek

A winter paradise

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