10 – 25 cm in PLPP

The PLPP Live Grooming Report indicates that most of the south trails were trackset last night including Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill, Tyrwhitt, Hydroline, Whiskey Jack, and Lookout. It further states, “Whiskey Jack and Elk Pass both have puddles and/ice patches within the lowest 800 metres. These sections were temporarily covered by new snow that fell on Apr 4th and 5th but are just under the new grooming and at the bottom of the set tracks in places.”

Tracksetter Jody also added on the Groomer’s Reports, “Between 10 and 25cm’s of new snow fell in the south end in the last 24 hours including about 3cm’s between during grooming. At 7:45AM the temperature was minus 6 in the Elk Pass parking lot. Lots of fresh grooming overnight for the last grooming of the season- check the Live Grooming for all the details. Get it while it’s cold…”

We’ve only received about 2 cm in Canmore.

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