The “boss” has kids!

by Bob Truman on August 23, 2016

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-Spruce grouse hen on Pocaterra trail-

If you’re a regular winter time reader of this blog, you’ll be familiar with the “Boss.” I wrote a blog post last winter about the aggressive spruce grouse who hangs out on Pocaterra ski trail in PLPP The boss of Pocaterra

The boss of Pocaterra

The boss of Pocaterra

I believe the bird pictured at the top is his mate and I encountered her and the chicks on Pocaterra trail about 300 metres from the winter location of the boss. It was difficult to get a photo of the chicks who were making themselves invisible in the dense foliage, but I could catch occasional glimpses.

I biked Pocaterra and Whiskey Jack a few days ago and here are some photos. Can you match the winter and summer photos which were taken from approximately the same locations? Take note, the signage is different for the summer.

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1 Barbara September 11, 2016 at 11:07 pm

How many kids, i.e., how many more attacks should we brace ourselves for this winter? 😉


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