Heads up on Elk Pass/Hydroline and Mt Shark

East end of Rundle(aka EEOR)

If Chuck’s report and photos of Mt Shark have enticed you, along with tonight’s tracksetting, to head over there on Friday, be aware that Spray Lakes/Smith Dorrien road south of Canmore will be closed for avalanche control on the east end of Rundle. The road will be closed between 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 pm. Thanks to MaSid for bringing this to our attention.

You can still access Mt Shark from Hwy 40 and going north on Smith Dorrien. 

Andrew provided this information regarding Elk Pass and Hydroline:

Keeping in mind that the lower portion of Elk exists as an access road for the hydro-line, most of the underlying tracksetting from 17/18 January from Elk Pass parking lot has been damaged by snowmobile crews despite apparent best efforts to avoid the tracks (between Lookout/Hydroline junction and Elk Pass parking). I would advise extreme caution when descending the big hill in either direction, or Hydroline (particularly the descent into Elk Pass juction); there are a number of dense snowballs that have been deposited along the trail, and I found myself getting caught in the divets from the snowmobile ski.

All that said there’s lots of fresh snow in the park to freshen up the trails and we don’t seem to have been affected by the rain and warm temperatures in the way that other places have.

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