Snow update

It looks like we got our wish. The Banff trail report has an update for Lake Louise today:

Cross-Country Skiing: Lake Louise Area Trails
CONDITIONS: First ski report of the season!  There is 9 cm of fresh snow on ground this morning (November 4), and a reasonable base for the two early season trails, Moraine Lake and the 1A. PLANNED GROOMING: The Moraine Lake Road will be trackset on November 4, and the initial packing of the 1A is scheduled for November 4.

Moraine Lake road should be fantastic for the weekend.

As I write this at 11:41 a.m, I see there’s a snowfall warning in effect  for Nakiska which should bode well for the Ribbon Creek area. We’re lucky if we received 2 cm so far in Canmore.

Are people interested in skiing? Over 800 unique visits yesterday with 1700 page loads. Here’s a graph that shows the number of visitors to this blog over the past week.

The blog is getting very busy with readers



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  1. P.S. Tuning in from Sidney, BC, today. Sorry I’ve missed such a great weekend of early season skiing! See you there next weekend!

  2. I’m an easy-going guy. 90+ % of the time, I’ll step out of the track to pass. But it can depend on the circumstances. I might occasionally say “track please” or holler track from farther back if closing quickly. I agree almost no one uses “track” around here, which is nice.

    On the other hand, I don’t mind stepping otu of the track for the occaasional skier who calls/asks for “track”. After all, like you say, we’re recreational skiing. If someone is all gung ho to set their PB on any given weekend, what the heck? I’ve got 10 seconds and 10 calories to spare.

    Like I said, easy-going.

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