Spray River and Goat Creek

by Bob Truman on January 1, 2018

in Banff

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Stef and Shannon had come from the Goat Creek trailhead above Canmore and were now on Spray River West, climbing their way up the steep hill out of the Spray Valley

There can be no doubt that I did my longest ski of of the year today. 🙂 It was a wonderful day of skiing to start 2018.

Yves from Winnipeg was starting out on Spray River West the same time as I was. Yves is a follower of this blog.

I know the Banff trail report shows the Banff tracksetter was working on Cascade Valley today, but I could swear there was new grooming of the skate lane on Spray West, and what looked to be brand new tracksetting on Goat Creek between the two bridges. That’s how fresh and pristine it was. Did the cold weather of the past two days keep all skiers off the trail?

These two were just starting the fast downhill on Spray River West(as I was climbing). They knew who I was but I don’t know who they were.

Skiers who were coming from the Canmore end reported good conditions on Goat Creek to the bridge at 7K although it has only been packed. Stef and Shannon said the only rock they saw was the one right at the start. 

I started at the Spray River West trailhead behind the Banff springs Hotel. It was -18°C at 12:45 pm.

Goat Creek: Beautiful new tracks between Goat Creek Bridge and Spray River bridge

The sun was shining, the air was calm, and the parking lot was filling up. 

I was only planning to go to the Spray bridge at 9.9K and turn around, but with skiers telling me that Goat Creek was trackset, I ventured for 1K past the Spray bridge and took some pictures of the tracksetting.

Spray River West at 9.3K

The tracks were still somewhat soft so I wasn’t breaking any speed records, but on my return, the fast 1.5K downhill to the Spray East/West junction was fantastic. The tracks had not yet been abused, and I was able to cruise the whole way without any fear. 

The temperature upon my return to the trailhead was -13. The moon was incredibly beautiful tonight as it rose above the mountains. 

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1 Henry L January 2, 2018 at 8:02 am

“They knew who I was but I don’t know who they were.”

Careful Bob, you’re getting into Bobby Orr territory.


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