Impaired skiing

If the roads are bad due to all the new snow, you might consider skiing to your destination. I doubt that Calgary police would stop you for “bad technique.” If it was a criminal offense, I’d be in jail for the rest of my life. 
This story was posted in “The Local, Norway’s news in English

Inebriated Norwegian skier stopped by police due to poor technique

A man in Kongsberg was stopped by police after choosing an untraditional mode of transport to get home from a night out.

The man, who is in his 30s, decided on Saturday to try and combine going out for a few drinks with winter sport, reports Nettavisen.

With around 10 centimetres of snow on the ground, the man saw skiing as the easiest way to get home, according to the report.

But his technique was reportedly so bad that onlookers made the decision to alert the police.

“The [police] patrol had to take care of a very inebriated man on skis in the centre of Kongsberg. It was clearly neither classic nor cross country,” police tweeted.

The man’s skis were reportedly confiscated on the spot.

“The patrol drove [the man] away and had a chat with him. It was obvious he had to take off the skis. We drove him home,” police operation leader in Kongsberg Trond-Egil Groth told Nettavisen.

The intoxicated skier is not thought to have presented a risk to others and was skiing on the pavement, but his drunken state had a clear detrimental effect on his technique, police said.

No further police action is expected.

Beckie Scott

Sort of on the same subject, here’s another story of interest Beckie Scott’s Passionate work against doping

It’s the answer to a trivia question: What Canadian cross-country skier won all three medals in one race?

“The International Olympic Committee said Scott is the only athlete to be awarded all three medals in a single event.”

Beckie Scott gets her gold medal


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    • I see that the page has a nice photo of a U of C student skiing through campus too! Great stuff.
      And I wonder how many will still try to cycle? -)

  1. Bob, make no mistake but when I landed in this fair land in 1981 I was living near SAIT and had a job as a machinist near Pokar park which is located at the intersection of Emonton Tr. and John Laurie Blvd. and in the winter 81-82 there was a 2 week period that I went to work with my skies from Confederation park, along the cemetery on 4th St. and almost in front of the shop door; it was dark and quite cold but at the end of the day I had no problems coming back in contrast with my coworkers who needed a battery boost every day, off course the waxing was easy; polar every day.
    I remember those day very fondly as a modern pioneer of x-country ski
    Cheers: Paolo

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