Pocaterra and PLPP

-Tom and Wendy heading south on Pocaterra from the Packers junction-

I took advantage of the Upper Pocaterra access trail and skied on some very nice grooming in PLPP today. This unusual access will be available until Dec 1, at which time the barricade will prevent southbound traffic. 

Dixie on Upper Pocaterra, about 600 metres from Whiskey Jack

The access trail is actually 650 metres, not the 300 metres I guessed at yesterday. There’s good snow cover right from the parking lot, which is 8.9K south of the barricade. 

It’s always a thrill to see the beautiful corduroy for the first time at the beginning of a new season. When I reached Pocaterra, I had a choice between going north towards Packers or south towards Whiskey Jack. I chose to start by going north to the Packers junction. 

The iconic spectacular view of Gap mountain from Pocaterra/Whiskey Jack junction

The snow cover is good and there’s no risk of damaging your skis. I was tempted to go at full speed around that sharp downhill right turn but I wasn’t sure what was around the corner. It’s totally safe. 

The only place where there is an issue is about 300 metres from Packers at the end of the second-last downhill. There’s a pronounced dip where a rivulet crosses the trail. I hit the brakes when I saw it coming and am glad I did. On the other hand, if you collect air miles…

Wendy and Tom had skied up Pocaterra from the hut. This photo is at the Pocaterra/Packers junction.

At the Packers junction, I ran into Wendy and Tom who had come from Pocaterra Hut. They said the conditions were surprisingly good, with only one short stretch where the snow was thin and you might want to remove your skis. I stopped at the hut later and took a picture of the trail. It had a lot more snow cover than when I was there on Thursday and lots of skier tracks. 

Art and Dixie on Pocaterra

There was grooming heading south from Packers, but no grooming at the hut. 

I headed back up Pocaterra to the Whiskey Jack junction where I could see more corduroy heading down WJ. I went a short distance on WJ to get a picture. I went as far as the creek and encountered quite a bit of tree debris as a result of some strong winds. The trail report says WJ is sketchy below the steep hill. 

Tyrwhitt is very rough

Back up to Pocaterra, and onwards to Tyrwhitt. The first 600 metres of Tyrwhitt was quite nice except for some tree debris. Thereafter, I could see the ruts, ridges, and a very bumpy, uneven trail with many twigs. It would be skiable in the uphill direction, but returning while speeding downhill would be quite an adventure(aka faceplant). I turned around and enjoyed the pleasant downhill run back to the access trail, but I was happy to interrupt my downhill for a nice chat with Art and Dixie. 

The temperature at 12:30 pm was -5°C. The snow was fast but quite abrasive and I had to add wax once. I used VR45(-2/-8). 

I imagine there were skiers leaving from the Elk Pass parking lot today. I hope we get a report. Thanks to CHAMPION for the report on Elk Pass. 


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  1. Has anyone been near Ribbon Creek recently?

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