No rest for Chuck

by Bob Truman on March 18, 2019

in XC

Boom Lake: Icefalls at the headwall. Photo by Chuck. (Click for larger image)

Chuck continues to scout out interesting trails and provide amazing photos. Not only is it lucky for skiers searching out new destinations, but it’s a source of spectacular photos for this blog! Thanks, Chuck. 

In the below photo, was he saying it tongue-in-cheek when he provided the caption, or was he being serious?

Boom Lake: Option for crossover from Chickadee Valley! Photo by Chuck.

See all Chuck’s photos from his Boom Lake trip. 

Thanks to Ian and Darlene who submitted a trip report from PLPP and provided the below photo. 

The meadow just off Tyrwhitt east of Elk Pass. Photo by Ian and Darlene.

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