Friday photos

Hay Meadow on Jan 14. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Alf Skrastins’ photos from his Hay Meadow – Ruthie’s – Screamer – Skogan – Sunburst – High Level – Skogan Loop trip were remarkable. I was amazed to see the pictures of Hay Meadow without any bootprints. 

Hay Meadow. Photo by Alf Skrastins

A caution had been posted about the conditions below the Marmot junction because of the rain, but the grooming seemed to mitigate any issues…

Hummingbird Plume. Photo by Alf Skrastins

“The snowcat tiller had worked it’s magic on the ice crust an Hay Meadow was impeccably groomed. The snow was firm and fast, but the corduroy was still “edge able”. There was no problem with grip on Ruthies and the Skogan Screamer, and then things just got better above the old Marmot Creek junction.” -Alf Skrastins

With warm temperatures today, the snow may be getting wet and soft. The thermometer at Hay Meadow is already indicating +6°C this morning. 

Castle Lookout to Baker Creek

On my way to Lake Louise yesterday, I stopped at Redearth Creek and skied up a couple kilometres and have posted a couple photos below. On my way home, I took the Bow Valley Parkway and observed brand new tracksetting on Baker Creek to Castle Lookout and continuing to Castle Junction. That’s a 15K stretch of trail with new tracksetting. 

Mt Shark

On Thursday, 10 to 15 cm’s of snow was mixed in to the base as all ski trails at Mt Shark were groomed and trackset.  No new snow fell during the grooming. The base continues to improve at Mt Shark, and in some places this has led to some snow laden pine branches encroaching the edges of the trail- mainly on parts of the 15k loop, and especially the extra 5k of this loop.  Some of these were removed and this process will continue over the coming weeks.

Jan 14: Bill Milne, Wedge Connector, and Evan Thomas renovated to loosen up the frozen rain affected snow, groomed, and trackset this evening. Though more spring like, conditions remain good, but as always ski with caution.

Lake Louise tracksetting on Jan 14: Lake Louise surface; Moraine Lake Rd; Bow River Loop; Campground Loop. 

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