Sunday update


The photo from Chuck shows the unique three-print diagonal tracks of a wolverine. See all Chuck’s photos from his L’il Pipestone Cabin trip yesterday.

West Bragg Creek: “3 cm of snow overnight has been track set on core trails. Get out and get it while you can and remember to be thoughtful of others by keeping 2m of social distancing, and stay home if you are displaying symptoms of COVID -19.” Continue reading

A skier is born!

Thanks to Steve Riggs for the photo and this report from West Bragg Creek…

“We took our 4 year old granddaughter to WBC after lunch for her first time on real skis (not the strap onto snowboot kind). Good fun, she had a great time! We didn’t get far, but found that our waxless fishscales and skin skis worked pretty well. REALLY busy out there- just like before the new parking lot was built, with cars lined up along the road. After circling the main lot fruitlessly for a while, we ended up squeezing into the equestrian parking. So, if grooming really is done for in the Kananaskis Valley- maybe Alberta Parks will have to look at further expanding the parking at WBC. So much for saving money.” Continue reading

Who made these tracks?

Studying the animal tracks on Tyrwhitt

Update: Our expert tracker, Barb Banff, thinks they are wolverine. 

The animal tracks running for a couple kilometres along Tyrwhitt were causing a lot of consternation among the skiers today. We’ve heard on the trip reports that they could be bear tracks, but it would have to be an awfully small bear. Continue reading

Friday update

West Crystal Line on Mar 19. Photo by Alf Skrastins

Please check the Trip Reports for first-hand accounts of the trail conditions from skiers who were on the trails yesterday. Unusual for this time of year, Sheila found reasonably good snow at Sandy McNabb: snowmobile packed, skier-tracked, virus-free. 

The Kananaskis Live Grooming Reports are functioning again. Continue reading

No toilets at the trailheads in Kananaskis

We heard it from Helen on her trip report, but here is the official announcement from Alberta Environment and Parks…

“As part of Alberta’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are striving to maintain public access to our outdoor spaces, but all AB Parks indoor facilities, including washrooms and vault toilets, as well as permanent outdoor shelters within Kananaskis Region and across the province, are now closed to public access.”
Continue reading

Little red trails

I received this email and photo from Warren Smith, the tracksetter at Olds, AB.

“Here is a photo of part of our track setting outfit at the Little Red trails nw of Olds. The snow conditions have been outstanding for most of our winter-thankfully we don’t get the warmer temperature extremes of Calgary.   Continue reading

Luck o’ the Irish

Baker Creek tracksetter. Photo by Chuck

Thanks to Chuck, we know where there should be some excellent skiing tomorrow. The Castle to Baker trail is an incredibly scenic trail with easy access. The trail has been christened the “double-hump trail” by Helen Read due to the two small hills.

He’s somewhat averse to having his photo posted, but I can get away with it once a year, so March 17 is a good opportunity to acknowledge our own skiing leprechaun, Chuck O’Callahan. Continue reading

Kananaskis ski trail grooming

I’ve barely had a moment to catch my breath, but I know the “End of Grooming” in Kananaskis is foremost in everyone’s minds. 

My own opinion is that a strong case can be made for the continuation of grooming just from the tourism aspect. I hope the out-of-province clubs who come to Kananaskis every winter will write to Jason  Nixon, our minister in charge of parks(contact info below). Continue reading