Friday morning update

Mt Shark. Photo from Feb 2016

It looks like Mt Shark is back on schedule for its regular Thursday night grooming:

“All trails at Mt Shark were groomed and trackset on Thursday in to early Friday morning, with the exception of the Helipad Access, and the extra 5km of the 15k loop was groomed only.”

The Kananaskis Village trails along with Ribbon Creek and Coal Mine were trackset last night. 

Skogan Pass is being groomed this morning. You can follow the progress of the snowcat on the Ribbon Creek Live Grooming Report.

A number of trails at West Bragg Creek were trackset yesterday. Check the Live Grooming Report for details. 

The Pine Ridge Loop at Sandy McNabb was groomed yesterday. 

I’m surprised and disappointed that we’re not seeing any updates from Banff. I wonder if they’re having mechanical difficulties. 

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