Lost and Found

When posting on here, please leave a method of contacting you.

If you have found an item and dropped it off at a Visitor Centre, let us know exactly where it has been dropped off. 


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  1. Found black tuque with fur pompom on Sunday January 24 . Found on the trail between Castle Lookout and Rockbound Lake parking. Call or text 403 389-3545

  2. Missing – 2 snow thermometers – one likely along the big hill at the start of Elk Pass, the other at Mount Shark.

  3. Missing: Dark Blue Patagonia Micro puff XL lost in Bragg creek xc cross country area parking lot Jan 14. Hoping somebody picked it up and is good enough to return it ?
    Please contact me if you have any info.


  4. FOUND: Grip wax on Bill Milne Monday afternoon. Describe it and it’s yours. I’ll check back on this. Pick up in Canmore.

  5. LOST Jan 15: A pair of grey gloves with yellow liners in the Elk Summit area, while being dragged into a tree well by Wolverine. If found, please put them on the Ek13 Campground sign. Thanks!

  6. Lost a single diamond earring at WBC. Could be in the parking lot or on one of the trails. I am desperate to get it back as it was an anniversary gift from my husband. Thank you!

  7. Missing/lost in WBC – Men’s toque/hat – mainly red (patterned) with ear flaps and even a chin string! Skied just before the big blow, so a couple of weeks ago now. Somewhere along the road (parking lot was full) or along the Crystal Line, Iron Springs, Loggers Loop circuit. It is a large, the brand is Moonshadow or something with Moon in it at least.

  8. Missing: lost in Bragg creek xc cross country area parking lot Jan 14. Hoping somebody picked it up and is good enough to return it 🙂
    Please contact me if you have any info.


  9. Lost two sets of race glasses/goggles at West Bragg Dec 30th or 31st. They were each in their own black soft case with multiple lenses.

  10. Found on Bill Milne trail Sunday Jan 10:
    1- battery pack for a camera, found between golf course and village turnoff
    2- snow basket for a hiking pole by bench at Evan Thomas bridge
    3- womens (leather) sandals by bench at Evan Thomas bridge

    Call or text 403 680-6691 to identify and arrange pick-up.

  11. Lost (or stolen ?):
    Salomon 190 (or 200 i can’t remember exactly)
    Waxless skis
    SNS bindings
    (Grey, red, white)

    Last used Dec 28 @ East village ski track

    Did you find them? Did you buy them on marketplace?

    I’m desperately wanting them back!

    Please call or text 403-869-7441

  12. Found a cell phone today skiing down cascade fire road – found up the trail about a km from the bridge. Please phone 403 819 0780 and describe.

  13. Thomas Zavesiczky

    Lost a black Icebreaker vest at Black Prince on Friday, January 9th. It was either left on the Black Prince uptrack or on the car and later flew off.

  14. I found a pair of women’s sunglasses (gold and brown) on Hostel loop WBC Fri Jan 8th 2021. Let me know and we can figure out a way to get them back to you.
    Also found a “Mont Ventoux 1912m” water bottle on Loggers trail at WBC.
    Also found a baby soother and clip on Hostel Loop at WBC.

  15. Lost a new pair of men’s Julbo sunglasses at Pocaterra by outhouse structure last sat Jan 2.
    By outhouse structure or close by in parking lot
    Blue frame, gold/bronze lens
    $15 reward
    Bob Thompson

  16. Hi! I know it’s a long shot, but I lost my phone in the parking lot at Mount Shark around 3:30 this afternoon, January 3rd. I was parked close to the dumpster. If anyone found it, please email vthemens@hotmail.com Thanks!

  17. January 1 at Peter lougheed I lost my sunglasses around top of whiskey jack or tyrwhitt. If anyone found them could you please leave a comment? Thanks!

  18. I found a single key on a ring on the road outside the north north gate at Confederation Golf Course. Looks like maybe a Thule key? If you think it’s yours you can send me a message at carolmor@telus.net.

  19. Lost 31 December
    Mount Shark on the first section of the 15km loop (ungroomed powder!) or on the main Watridge Lake trail, or possibly down by the lake where we stopped for photos…
    An airpod case with 1 right airpod in in. The left one was in my son’s ear. Please let me know if you happen across this needle in a haystack!

  20. Found 31 Dec:
    A small electronic item on Fox Creek trail in PLPP, fairly close to the Elk Pass junction, soon after 9:30am today. Post a reply if you think you can identify it – one part is missing!

  21. Lost something in the Ribbon Creek parking lot today Dec 30. It has my name on it. If you found it, can you email me? Ordman (at) telus.net. thanks!!!

  22. I found a pair of sunglasses on the Ribbon Creek trail at the bottom of the crazy corkscrew downhill. On Monday Dec 28.

  23. Found Dec 28th. Swix ski poles at Lake Minnewanka parking lot . Please email me to arrange return.

  24. PLPP
    Found dec 27
    Yeti ‘wapiti’ waterbottle on Moraine trail. Left it hanging from a tree…


    GPS device
    PLPP Boulton Creek campground lot
    Email lantinceramics@gmail.com to further identify

    • I brought the Yeti water bottle home with me to Calgary. It was still hanging from the tree on Dec 30th. Contact me to arrange pick up if you want it back (403 978 3577).

  25. Lost a pair of men’s brown Rayban sunglasses at Bragg creek cross country ski trails today possible in the parking lot closer to the bathrooms. Please contact Minnie @ 5878940628 if found!


  26. To the girl we saw with the Labradoodle dog @ WBC on Mountain Road today, having lost a dog bootie along the trail. Found it not far from where we passed you. We placed it in the lost & found bin in front of the warming shed. Merry Christmas from 3 old guys with good eyesight.

  27. Found handy insulating seat pad while sweeping snow off picnic bench at junction of Whiskey Jack and Pocaterra this morning. Identify color, pick up at Norseman ski shop next day I work there (Sunday).

  28. Lost my right salomon ski boot wednesday somewhere between WBC – west bragg and home ( cochrane). Black, Blue and white EU sz 40

  29. Found female gloves on the road near Elk Pass Parking near the beginning of December 2020

    Size small, Black with finger mittens inside

    Please contact Kim.mikalson@gmail.com if yours.


  30. Found = Camera memory card.
    Found on Tyrwhitt ski trail about 1 km past Hydro-Line, heading east.
    I picked this up some time at the end of November or the beginning of December, I can’t remember the exact date.

  31. Found my phone on the side of Highway 40 roughly where I figured it may be. Still 12% battery and working after 1 week presumably due to the Otter box insulation / protection. Lost my attention span putting a phone (or anything on the roof!!) but found my Christmas bonus. Happy trails all !

  32. Found the left arm for Smith sunglasses on Great Divide today. I placed it on the map sign, below the dog prohibited poster. Cheers!

  33. Thanks Bob. I have been in touch with them and will be picking up my lost ski later today.

  34. Lost – iPhone 10 on Saturday, Nov. 28. Possibly in the Upper Lake parking lot after 4 PM or within 250 m northbound on Highway 40 just after leaving Peter Lougheed access. Contact mastenbrolsma@gmail.com or text 403-880-3517. Thanks

  35. Lost: one Fischer Xtour Escape 203cm cross country ski. Believe it might have fallen out or our vehicle at the Barrier Lake Visitor center Friday. Contact Gerry at gnmilner@shaw.ca

  36. Friday, November 27th morning: Dropped a Motorola walkie talkie (blue) on the Elk Pass trail or Fox Creek trail. Please send me a reply if you picked it up. Thank you kindly!

  37. Lost Smith tortoise shell sunglasses on Nov 21 at Pocaterra.

    Most likely fell out of my pocket while not so gracefully falling down the south part lookout trail after the fire lookout. Will probably be in one of the butt prints on the side of the trail..

    We skied Lookout to Hydroline to Tyrwhitt. If found my eyeballs will be forever in your debt.

  38. Found a pair of X-C poles left at Mt. Shark trailhead Sat., Nov 21. Send me a note to claim them?…they’re in Canmore. Thanks!

  39. FOUND on ELK PASS Ski Trail
    Black insulated travel mug along x-c ski trail. Placed (hanging) on right-hand side support of the kiosk at the Elk Pass trailhead. I have a photo if you need it.

    I skied the outside loop at PLPP today and as I was getting to Elk Pass I noticed that my sunglasses were not on top of my head. I think I might have dropped them on the Wheeler Trail early in our day. At the end of the day I skied back to Wheeler Trail but didn’t find them. It did look like someone might have stopped where I thought they fell off.

  41. Pocaterra Hut Friday 20 November

    Someone grabbed my daughters brand new poles at 11am or so when they finished their ski. We were waxing up when they drove away.

    403 478 9905 – Darcy

  42. I found some sunglasses on Tyrwhitt yesterday. They were frosted over and it was 7:45 am, so I am sure they were lost on Saturday, Nov 21. Picked them up and brought them back to Okotoks with me so they didn’t get groomed.

    Reply with brand/colour and we can figure out some way to get them back to you!

    • Bryce, i saw a post where someone lost sunglasses on a x c ski trail in the past few days but can’t remember where I saw it. Probably on the x c ski facebook page. Hope you connect with them somehow.

    • Hi Bryce, Its been a couple of weeks, but I think I may have lost mine when I did a loop via Lookout / Tyrwhitt the previous Thursday or Friday. It would have been around Nov 12 or 13’th! Are they black, polarized with a croakie type cord? I got them at MEC a few years ago. It seems to me that I stopped for a late lunch at the edge of the clearing where the sun was still shining and I’d guess that’s where they were left. But who really knows. I can also send you a picture of them!

  43. I went skiing on the Great Divide trail / Old 1A highway on Sunday from Calgary and left behind a pair of Under Armour gloves at the parking lot. It would be nice to have back. Thanks

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