It just gets better

Moraine Lake Road was in terrific shape today.

Conditions were the best we’ve seen them yet. Double trackset with a firmly packed skating lane. Except for the first 800 metres. An idiot decided to drive a vehicle on the road and left some deep ruts in the skating lane. It takes a bit of manoevering, but it is still navigable. The classic tracks were still okay.  Click here to see more photos

The snow is deep enough and packed well so your poles no longer touch pavement anywhere. The air temperature was about -8. Cheryl used wax rated for -5/-9 and it worked well. Without a doubt, the most enjoyable day we’ve had yet. Skating is something new for me, and to show you how fast I am, Cheryl beat me to the end of the trail – on her classic skis. Coming back down was another story. I’ve never gone that fast on the long hill down to Paradise Creek.

If anyone is interested in seeing photos of the Boom Lake trail, send me a comment.

If you look at the additional photos, I’ve posted some good shots of interesting animal tracks. Maybe someone can identify them.

Nov 21 Update: Please see comments for additional trails that have been groomed


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  1. If anyone ventures out to Watridge Lake Road, take a minute when you get home and give us a report on the conditions.

  2. Hey guys..Looks like we may soon have even more trails to choose from for skiing. The trail reports indicate that Watridge Lake trail and the 2K loop in the Mt. Shark
    cross country ski system have been snow mobile packed and groomed as well as the upper reaches of Elk Pass in Peter Lougheed Park. However, it is still not recommended for skiing yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more snow very soon!

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