Although this blog is aimed at skiers, there are many xc skiers who also like to snowshoe. Share your information with others on this page.


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  1. First snowshoe of the season today and intrigued by Ma Sid and Normand’s ski trips up there this past week. Found a pr of xc ski poles with yellow mini baskets which could be Normand’s and left them there with a note on them. From “back door” of Pocaterra to top of Lookout was 4.4 kms. Because L/O is shown on map as 5.2 kms. the distance climbing from the Tyrwhitt Junction was exactly 1.7 kms. It was a good workout and 269 metres elevation. Who do we meet swishing down Lookout making great turns on his AT skis, but Ma Sid. So great to be playing in the snow again. -12 to start -8 to finish. New hip still bothering me but monitoring it closely. GO Biden GO!

  2. Just returning from snowshoeing up to Sherbrooke lake. Not sure if this trail is actually open in winter as the parking lot was not plowed and there seemed to be a chain lying on the ground across the entrance to the parking lot. We did we see this area listed as a snowshoe route in Andrew Nugara’s beginner snowshoe book, and the Yoho trail report did not list this area as closed, so I’m not sure why the road wasn’t cleared. Luckily our all wheel drive tires got us to the parking lot and our snowshoes got us up to the lake. I’m starting to understand why I actually own these things! We were the only ones on the trail, and it didn’t look like anyone had been there Saturday. This was in sharp contrast to our “hike” up to the plains of the 6 glaciers tea house yesterday where we got passed by people in tennis shoes and Saskatchewan snow pants while we lugged our snowshoes on our backpacks. Sherbrooke lake was not frozen over and we enjoyed a nice lunch by the shore. We didn’t make it to the end of the lake. It took us about 2 hrs to get to the lake (all that breaking trail!!) and we enjoyed a quick one hr decent back to the car. The trail was easy to follow and we seemed to be following a rabbit who came up earlier in the morning.

  3. Not often I put on the snowshoes but decided to head up towards Tower Lake, spurred on by one of Chuck’s reports when he skied there likely over a month ago. 4 cars in Rockbound Parking lot, in sharp CONTRAST to an almost full parking lot at Johnston Canyon around noon. Social distancing???? I shudder to figure out why these parking lots are not barricaded off. Trail was very crusty and I was SO glad I did not have my light touring skis. I will NEVER ski that trail unless I wake up, in the years ahead, 30 years younger. Snow shoe’d to km. 5.5 when finally the views of Eisenhower started to show. When driving home via Castle Junction, there was a bear being photographed on railways tracks, until a train came along and he/she disappeared. So yes, to Bob’s advice, time for bear spray.

  4. Dec 29 – nice jaunt from O’Hara parking lot along old 1A then up to Ross Lake, which was packed in as a skin track. From the lake back to O’Hara road, trail was nice and i’m sure we had a better time on snowshoes than the someone who apparently walked the whole thing in boots, which left lots of craters from their deep postholing.
    -13 and sunny, although 75% of the route is in the shade until you get a bit of sun heading down the O’Hara road to finish. A few skiers enjoying turns in Narao trees.

  5. Snowshoed up Sinnott Hill from North Fork campground. Truckloads of snow. Really nice trail; very scenic with big trees and aspen meadows. 9999 Trail (which you use to get to Sinnott Hill) would be a nice one for light touring skis. Looks like the whole area is about to be logged, unfortunately, right over the official trail and the semi-open ridgetop. Time for a letter writing campaign to pull it back a bit…
    If anyone doesn’t know where this is, it’s along Hwy 549 in the valley of Threepoint Creek just west of Millarville.

  6. November 17, 2019
    Black Prince Cirque

    Élaine and I hiked into the tarns at Black Prince and then donned our snowshoes to continue up to the fan due west of the tarns. We made it up to the ¨pinch point¨above the fan before stopping for lunch. There was only 30 cm of wet snow running to ground. Some wet sloughs were observed off the steeper slopes, not surprising as the temperature was around 5 C and there was a very sporadic rain adding weight to the thin snowpack. It needs another 30 cm to cover the natural hazards and be skiable.

  7. Started at Highwood pass at 2pm.; -8; way (!) more snow than anticipated; headed NW, then W thru the woods & out into the bowl just NE of Pocaterra Cirque. Encountered several groups of Alpine tourers coming out …all with big grins.

    North facing aspects had at least 15cm fresh over a crust plus ‘blow in’ in pockets that was making me wish I was on skis!!! Next time…

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